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Eliminating all the Administrative Tasks and helping you to lead to a Better Outcome!

We help Independent Providers Avoid Making Costly Mistakes that hinder their Financial Growth and affect Patient Experience.

No outsourcing – Headed by the Management Team.


What We Do

Our Services are Flexible and Tailor-Made and use Automation & AI on top of the Old-fashioned models that are time-tested. We’re not just another medical billing company; we’re your strategic partner in healthcare revenue cycle management.

Our Medical Billing Services in USA


Practice Management

We established with the vision of Championing Independent Physicians. By transitioning underperforming practices into profitable ones, we reinforce Medical Autonomy cultivating an environment where innovation flourishes and patients thrive. We look after your Practice from front-desk management to Practice Expansion and from Care Coordination to Gaps in Care.

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Revenue Cycle Management

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive revenue cycle management solutions for your practice. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we help you optimize your financial performance and navigate the complex landscape of medical billing, coding, and reimbursement. Our Medical Billing and Coding services are designed to enhance your revenue cycle efficiency.


Efficiency Acceleration

Our commitment to efficiency and excellence in healthcare management is evident in our dedication to streamline time-consuming revenue cycle tasks performed by office staff. Below, we outline some key challenges and how our Integrated Healthcare Management approach significantly reduces the burden on your team.

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Transform Your Workforce Who Could Turn Your Practice Profitable! Efficient revenue cycle is crucial for the financial sustainability of your practice. Our Training programs will prepare you to navigate the challenges of billing, coding, and reimbursement. We help you with Tailor-made Training Programs that would help your workforce perform with the best practices used in the industry.

Why Choose Our Medical Billing Company

Work Less, Earn More, Put Patients First!

With our Elite Team and Proprietary Technology, IHM gives Independent Medical Providers the tools and expertise to make Medical Claims Right the first time to keep their Practice Independent.


Strong Workforce with immense Knowledge in the Industry

No Outsourcing

All our workforce are based out of US and No Outsourcing

Technology Enabled

Automation & AI on top of the Old-fashioned models


Reduce Overhead Costs while Increasing Cash Flow

Time Saving

Reclaim your time to Focus on Exceptional Patient Care


Actually Accurate Medical Billing and Eliminating Costly Errors


What Our Clients Say?

You think you’re saving money by doing in-house billing, but you’re not.
Dr. Toufic K. Safa
Senior Vascular Surgeon, Great Neck, NY
IHM understands the complexity of healthcare and the nuances required.
Dr. David Henick
I was thoroughly shocked with some of the large checks that came in.
Dr. Henry Ferstenberg
Gastroenterologist, Rockville Centre, NY

Our Work Speaks for Itself

Experience the Quality and the Level of Detail that you miss in your Practice.


Practices Managed


Cost Saved


Charts Coded


AR Recovered

Free Practice Analysis Worth $5000

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